410 N. Nantucket Pl.
Santa Ana, CA 92703


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410 N. Nantucket Place
Santa Ana, CA 92703 

TELEPHONE: (714) 541-2628

FAX: (714) 541-8510

E-mail: gabyMurillo@despcb.com

Founder: Humberto Murillo

Email: humberto@despcb.com

Chemical Engineer: Shailesh Vahashia

Email: shayu@despcb.com

Production Supervisor: Juan Jimenez

Email: juan@despcb.com

Process Manager: Cutberto Ortiz

Email: cutberto@despcb.com

Director Of Quality: Gabriela Murillo

Email: gabymurillo@despcb.com

Account Payable: Karin Escobar

Email: karin@despcb.com

Account Receivable: Mamta Vahashia

Email: mamta@despcb.com