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  • ENIG
  • EPIG
  • Hard gold
  • Nickel plating
  • Immersion Silver
  • ISIG
  • DIG Process
  • EPAG
  • Acid copper plating
  • Electroless copper
  • Copper Blind Vias
  • Tin Brite
  • Cobra Bond
  • Desmear process


Electroless Nickel/ Immersion gold  Deposits with thin top coat of immersion gold over copper substrates. DES uses  automatic controllers for our electroless nickel  with a preventive maintenance plan that our in house chemical engineer controls.   

  • Meets IPC- 4552 Electroles Nickel immersion gold requirements
  • Mid phosphorous content
  • Solderable and aluminum wire bondable


A process is a form of a deposit of electroless nickel, electroless palladium with an Immersion gold. It is suitable for soldering, gold wire bonding, aluminum wire bonding and, contact resistance.

  • Meets IPC- 4556 Electroless nickel Electroless palladium immersion gold requirements.
  • Highly robust solder joints with lead-free SAC type alloys
  • It will not allow the nickel underlayer to be damage

Nickel Plating

The process is designed to produce a low stress, semi-bright, ductile nickel deposit for electronics application in rack/barrel plating. This process meets the requirements for Fed. Spec. QQ-N290, Class 1 and 2 (AMS 2403

Hard Gold

Is a general-purpose cobalt-brightened acid gold plating solution yielding deposits meeting the requirements for Types I (99.7% minimum) and II (99.0% minimum). Grade C Knoop hardness 130-200 inches, of ASTM B-488- and DTL-MIL-45204).


Electroless Palladium, Immersion gold Is a gold wire bondable and solderable design for high-frequency application and design with reduced spacing. EPIG deposits palladium directly onto copper eliminating the use for Electroless  Nickel.

  • No nickel to fracture on bending for flex circuits
  • Maintains solderability and wire bondability to copper circuits
  • No Electroless Nickel pose corrosion issues
  • High purity levels


Data electronic Services offer a direct Immersion Gold (DIG) process. This process offers a tight grain structure which prevents migration of the copper to the surface. The advantages of this process include an ideal surface for lead free soldering and the ability for final finish plating in tight trace spacing.

Data Electronic Services offers an autocatalytic gold process. This process can be combined with ENIG, ENEPIG, and EPIG to produce a higher gold thickness than is possible with an immersion gold bath.


Data Electronic Services offers an autocatalytic gold process. This process can be combined with ENIG, ENEPIG, and EPIG to produce a higher gold thickness than is possible with an immersion gold bath. a Gobright TMX 21/23a neutral auto catalytic Electroless Gold process that meets IC and PWB wire bonding requirements The gold deposit can be 20-30 μin.


Process for PCB surface finish applications. Silver is deposited on the copper surface by a displacement/immersion reaction. Lead-free (LF) solder. The solder forms a Cu/n intermetallic joint with the copper substrate.

  • Meets IPC- 4553A immersion Silver specification requirements
  • Excellent solderability with eutectics and lead-free solder.
  • Prevent microvoids at assembly

Acid Copper Plating

The process is an outstanding copper sulfate plating system designed to produce a bright, ductile copper deposit particularly suited for the printed circuit industry. Electro Brite is specially designed for use in conjunction with direct metallization processes.DES makes this service with equipments and materials  necessaries  that the process require, and with a preventive maintenance, where we check chemicals with the Laboratory Technician and make additions or bailouts as recommended.

Copper Blind Vias

This is a unique acid copper plating system to fill blind micro vias across a variety of geometries. The process produces a bright, fine-grained, ductile deposit with excellent physical properties.Maximum size for panel size 24 x 90

  • Elongation result monthly ( upon customer request)
  • Meets IPC-6012, MIL PRF-31032 all versions and Boeing BSPS-23-001 specification.
  • Mil-C-14550A (Electrolytic) – All of our acid coppers conform. Adhesion, smooth, and ferroxyl test for porosity
  • AMS2418 (Electrolytic) – All of our acid coppers conform. Same as above
  • ASTM B734 (Electrolytic) – All of our acid coppers conform. Same as above

Electroless Copper

Is a medium build electroless copper bath. The deposit exhibits lateral growth resulting in excellent coverage in through-hole and micro vias. The structure provided an excellent defuse against multilayer defects as well as positioning it at the top of the line for double-sided work.

Co-bra Bond

The Cobra bond process is a modified peroxide/ sulfuric acid process designed to prepare copper surfaces prior to multilayer lamination. The solutions promote the formation of a brown copper organic coating.

Tin Brite

Is an acid tin process specifically designed for the plating of printed circuit boards. Tin Brite solutions have excellent throwing power and efficiency.

  • Excellent solderability and bright

Desmear Process

Is a biodegradable hole sweller used to condition the hole wall prior to etch-back treatment with permanganate solutions.

In-House XRF Bowman Measurement

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